The Wimborne & District Table Tennis League was established in 1931 and is a non profit making organisation situated in the county of Dorset on the south coast of the United Kingdom. Membership is open to any club approved by the Committee. In addition to league games we have 5 tournaments which are held at the Merley Community Association.

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Wimborne is a small market town in the county of Dorset, UK which is dominated by the Minster church.
(For more information go to www.wimborneminster.org.uk ).
The Minster has the Quarterjack (which is used as a logo on our handbook) and a l4th century astronomical clock.
There is a mix of antique and modern shops in the town.



SEASON 2016-2017

Season start: Monday 26th Sep 2016

Space allocated in December for match catch-up

Wimborne & District Table Tennis League


Teams for 2016/2017 season

1.Broadstone A2.Broadstone B
3.Broadstone D4.Broadstone F
5.Charlton A6.Broadstone C
7.Broadstone E8.Broadstone G
9.Charlton B10.Ringwood

Wimborne & District Table Tennis League


ITTF Regulations

The following ITTF regulations are NOT adopted:

a) 1 minute time-out per set: (WDTTL: Not allowed)

b) Towelling down every 6 points: (WDTTL: Allowed at any time)

Wimborne & District Table Tennis League



Scorecards are no longer being issued but can be downloaded from the website and may be sent by post.

Team captains are provided with LOGIN information for the Scorecard Manager.

This will enable them to submit the results of their home matches.

A copy of the submitted scorecard will be emailed to both team captains as well as to the results secretary.