Wimborne & District Table Tennis League

Team Handicap Schedule
WEEK 1 - 26 Feb 2024
Group 1
Broadstone A vs Ringwood
Broadstone E vs Broadstone F
Broadstone D vs Stourpaine B
Group 2
Stourpaine A vs Bournemouth
Broadstone B vs Branksome
Bye vs Broadstone C
WEEK 2 - 4 Mar 2024
Group 1
Ringwood vs Broadstone E
Broadstone F vs Broadstone D
Stourpaine B vs Broadstone A
Group 2
Bournemouth vs Broadstone B
Branksome vs Bye
Broadstone C vs Stourpaine A
WEEK 3 - 11 Mar 2024
Group 1
Broadstone D vs Broadstone A
Broadstone F vs Ringwood
Broadstone E vs Stourpaine B
Group 2
Bye vs Stourpaine A
Branksome vs Bournemouth
Broadstone B vs Broadstone C
WEEK 4 - 18 Mar 2024
Group 1
Ringwood vs Broadstone D
Broadstone A vs Broadstone E
Stourpaine B vs Broadstone F
Group 2
Bournemouth vs Bye
Broadstone B vs Stourpaine A
Broadstone C vs Branksome
WEEK 5 - 25 Mar 2024
Group 1
Broadstone E vs Broadstone D
Broadstone F vs Broadstone A
Ringwood vs Stourpaine B
Group 2
Broadstone B vs Bye
Branksome vs Stourpaine A
Bournemouth vs Broadstone C

Please arrange your match with the team that you are to play that week.

Matches can be played in advance but please try to play your match by the specified week.