Wimborne & District Table Tennis League

WDTTL Team Handicap Rules - Season 2023-2024
Construction of the Groups
The 12 league teams will be split into two groups of six.
The teams for each group will be based on team positions at the end of week 11 of the league programme.
Group A will consist of teams who are in the following league positions - 1,3,5,7,9 and 11.
Group B will consist of teams who are in the following league positions - 2,4,6,8,10 and 12.
As the first matches are due to be played on week commencing the 26th of February, the individual player handicaps will be calculated on player averages at the last update before the 26th February 2024.
The two group winners will go through to the final in the first week of April and will be played at a venue mutually agreed by both teams.
Group A - Broadstone A, Ringwood, Broadstone D, Broadstone E, Broadstone F and Stourpaine B.
Group B - Stourpaine A, Bournemouth, Broadstone B, Branksome, Sharkstone and Broadstone C.
Playing Conditions
The full fixture list for each group is available on the League's website.
Please arrange your match with the team that you are due to play that week
Matches must be played by the end of the week they are scheduled on any suitable night that week. Alternatively, matches can be played in advance of the scheduled date if both teams are agreeable
Each match will consist of nine sets of singles with no doubles being required.
Each player will receive two serves.
Each singles set will consist of the best of three legs starting at his/her handicap through to 21, with the first player achieving a score of 21 winning the leg.
In any game, if deuce is reached then the player who wins the next point wins the game.
If the 3rd game is played, then change ends at the score specified in the Handicap Chart to be found on the League's website (Below).
A point will be added to the overall score for each leg won.
On completion of the match, the points scored by each team are totalled to identify the winning team.
Evidence of the result of each match must be sent to the Match Secretary by the home team as soon as possible.
In all circumstances not covered by the above, the Leagues general rules shall apply.
Handicap Chart
AverageHandicapChange ends at
100%-10 (11:0 to 11:1)5
100%-9 (11:0 to 11:3)6
100%-8 (11:0 to 11:5)6
100%-7 (11:0 to 11:7)7
100%-6 (11:8+)7
95.24 - 99.99%-58
90.48 - 95.23%-48
85.71 - 90.47%-39
80.95 - 85.70%-29
76.19 - 80.94%-110
71.43 - 76.18%010
66.67 - 71.42%111
61.90 - 66.66%211
57.14 - 61.89%312
52.38 - 57.13%412
47.62 - 52.37%513
42.86 - 47.61%613
38.10 - 42.85%714
33.33 - 38.09%814
28.57 - 33.32%915
23.81 - 28.56%1015
19.05 - 23.80%1116
14.29 - 19.04%1216
09.52 - 14.28%1317
04.76 - 09.51%1417
00.00 - 04.75%1518